We produce innovative solutions, healthy long-lasting, functional and aesthetic tiles.

Yuksel tile, the land and shoot the old masters, following today's developing technology since 1965, his breakthrough and bringing an understanding of contemporary and based on the technology of brick tile industry with investments made in Çorum in Turkey and has gained a place among the leading organizations.

In our laboratories equipped with automation-based production by stripping from traditional production methods, the reliability and quality of our products are verified by experiments and tests performed on raw material, semi-product and final product. Our tiles have been certified with the required product performance with TS EN 1304 certificate. In addition, Yuksel Kiremit is the first company to certify its system in 2003 by meeting the requirements of TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System.


With its long-lasting, healthy roof tiles produced by processing natural clay raw materials, it provides its customers with the necessary comfort, robustness and confidence in the most decorative form. As Yüksel Kiremit, we are proud of our contributions to the country and provincial economy with respect to nature and environment with respect to nature and environment, delivering orders in time with special models, colors and sizes, in order to provide customer satisfaction and further increase in order to increase customer satisfaction. We continue our way.


Clay tiles do not burn; Since it is obtained by cooking at high temperatures, A1 class is considered as fireproof. Clay tiles are the most important guarantee against fire risks on roofs in terms of our life and property safety.