Yuksel Kiremit, which has a long history with high quality, has become a superior brand in tile with its product features that always exceed the standard quality values ​​to its customers.

It closely follows the sectoral developments in its products and produces the most durable tiles and derivatives in its production. As Yüksel Kiremit, our customer satisfaction principle is; High quality product, fast delivery and corporate customer service are advancing on the basics.

Our priority target is customer satisfaction and our company has taken ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certificate. Our company, which is a pioneer in the sector in this respect as in all matters, continues to produce with the product types conforming to TS EN 1304 standard and Ce declaration of conformity.


Quality and service is a satisfied customer, by considering the needs of the customer in the sector by determining the satisfaction of all stakeholders

Increasing the quality level with the philosophy of continuous improvement of products and processes and keeping the quality management system under constant control in this direction,

To educate, motivate and participate in all of our employees equipped with quality policy and quality awareness,

All employees are responsible for quality,

Respecting the environment,

Continuously improving its system without compromising its principles,

Reliable and always preferred,

To be an organization committed to comply with legal regulations.